At Quest CycleTech, we are about the mechanics of cycling…ALL of the mechanics of cycling, physical, structural, systemic and emotional. Whether it’s optimizing your gearing and braking option, creating a perfect bike fit for your unique physical condition, performing tweaks and adjustments for the most discerning of touch, just sorting out the set-up for a weekend warrior’s new hybrid or offering instruction and coaching on growing as a cyclist we’re here to make the road smooth and quick beneath your wheels.

When it comes to modification, mechanical work and set up, we pride ourselves in listening first:

Brent’s understanding of what I was trying to accomplish with my setup was spot-on. With only a couple minor changes, my bike handled better that it did straight off of the showroom floor!


Jeanne made just a few simple adjustments to my saddle position, height, and tilt. With that I experienced an amazing improvement in the saddle pain I’d had for months, despite trying different saddles trying to get pain relief. Quest’s bike fitting skills can work miracles!

But we don’t stop with just the mechanical set-up. Being able to ride and enjoy the experience means that you’ve got to be able to trust and explore your setup and understand the situation, equipment and environment that you’re involved in. We’re with you for every stroke of the journey by performing shake-down and instructional partnering rides:

The first ride after my fit was amazing. With Brent alongside to sort out any issues, my confidence in my equipment was high. The ride proved non-eventful, other than making for a great afternoon of riding and cycling education.

As your partner in becoming a well-rounded and skilled cyclist, the team at Quest CycleTech will help you get started in the activity by doing a thorough “ground school” then lead you on a series of rides intended to acclimatize you to the environments of a typical road ride through a high-traffic, super high intensity city riding environment.