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Are you ready to break free from limits and soar to new heights as an endurance athlete? Look no further than Quest Health & Performance! Our mission is clear: we exist to transform your potential into reality through a holistic approach to health and performance enhancement with your body, mind and science.

Elevate Every Aspect of Your Game: At Quest, we’re not just about winning races, we’re about winning at life. Our cutting-edge strategies, backed by science and innovation, are tailored to ignite both your physical prowess and mental strength. Whether it’s speed, endurance, or personal satisfaction, our solutions drive you to exceed your goals.

Success isn’t a solo journey. With Quest, you’re connected as part of a dynamic community of athletes, coaches, and healthcare experts. Together, we fine-tune strategies personalized to your unique needs. Collaborate, learn, and thrive in an environment that fuels your growth. Beyond physical gains, we recognize the power of your mind. Quest is your partner in cultivating mental resilience, conquering obstacles, and finding the motivation to overcome any challenge. Your mental well-being is our priority on the road to victory.

Join the Quest revolution and be the athlete you’ve always envisioned – resilient, unstoppable, and healthier than ever before. It’s time to embark on your performance transformation. Are you ready to rise above? Your journey to greatness starts with Quest Health & Performance. Stay Healthy! Go Faster! Win More!

Endurance Sports Coaching

Elevate Your Performance with Endurance Sports Coaching: Our comprehensive coaching services redefine your training experience. Benefit from data-driven insights and personalized workout feedback via Training Peaks, alongside specialized strength and mobility training. Race with confidence using professional Mindset Mastery strategies, expert hydration and nutrition planning, strategic race-day tactics, and insightful post-race analysis. Our customized training plans cater to single and multi-sport athletes, spanning swim, bike, run, duathlon, and triathlon disciplines. With our guidance, athletes of all levels, from newcomers to pros, can excel in any event – whether it’s a first 5K, ultramarathon, sprint triathlon, full-distance (140.6) race, group ride, century ride, or open water swim, including marathon distances (10K and beyond). Empower your journey with Endurance Sports Coaching and unlock your fullest potential.

Online Training Plans

Elevate Your Training: Unleash your potential with our professionally crafted online training plans. Experience Quest’s proven methods independently, seamlessly delivered via Training Peaks. While these plans don’t include one-on-one coaching support, you’ll still benefit from our comprehensive approach, ensuring you achieve your goals with confidence and precision.

Recovery Sessions

Elevate Your Recovery: You pour your heart into training and racing – now it’s time for your recovery to match your dedication. Prioritize your rest and nourishment for ultimate restoration. Yet, when you need that extra edge, our arsenal of recovery tools awaits. From rejuvenating Normatec compression boots to invigorating stretch sessions, the Theragun’s targeted relief, the soothing buffer, and our advanced electrical stimulation unit, we’re here to accelerate your recovery journey. Your commitment deserves unrivaled recovery – experience the difference with us.

Video Swimming Analysis

Elevate Your Swim Potential: Unleash your swimming prowess to new heights by refining your technique. Elevate your speed and efficiency in the water through comprehensive underwater and above-water video analysis. Don’t let suboptimal body position, stroke, or kick technique hold you back – our expert analysis identifies areas for improvement, unlocking your true aquatic power. Bid farewell to technique-related limitations that hinder your speed and leave you fatigued. Moreover, our stroke analysis not only enhances your performance but also alleviates the risk of “swimmer’s shoulder” pain, ensuring a pain-free and empowering swim experience. Dive into the future of swimming excellence with us.

Bike Fitting/Pedaling Mechanics Assessment

Elevate Your Cycling Excellence: Experience the transformation of a superior bike fitting and enhanced pedaling mechanics. Wave goodbye to the typical cyclist discomforts as a well-fitted bike elevates your performance – boosting speed, power output, and reducing fatigue. For triathletes, elevate your bike efficiency to ensure a seamless transition to an optimal run. Witness the fusion of comfort and performance with our expert Bike Fitting and Pedaling Mechanics Assessment, propelling your cycling journey towards unmatched success.

Video Running Gait Analysis

Elevate Your Running Game: Embark on a journey of enhanced form, speed, and efficiency through our comprehensive biomechanics evaluation and analysis. Dive into the intricate details that could be holding back your running performance or causing discomfort and injury. Uncover the factors impacting your stride and gain insights to optimize your technique. Our meticulous approach not only boosts your speed and efficiency but also safeguards you against pain and injury. Step into a realm of superior running with our detailed biomechanics assessment – a path to unlocking your true running potential.

Mindset Mastery

Elevate Your Running Performance Journey: Our comprehensive approach includes Mindset Assessments and Mindset Mastery Coaching to gain mental agility and clarity with tailored mindset training drills, enhancing confidence and performance. If empowerment, discipline, fulfillment, and results are your goals, Mindset Mastery is your path to success. Combat performance anxiety and race day jitters by cultivating a confident, focused mindset. Revive your motivation when burnout or motivation struggles hit with coaching and strategies to reignite your passion for running, overcome mental fatigue, and renew your enthusiasm for your running journey. Elevate your mindset and redefine your running experience with us.

Sports Massage

 Elevate Your Muscle Performance: Athletes push their bodies to the limit, often leaving muscles tight, sore, and aching from rigorous training and racing. Our Sports Massage is your solution to target those areas precisely, unlocking enhanced recovery. Say goodbye to soreness and cramps, and hello to newfound flexibility and energy. By improving circulation, preventing injuries, and optimizing your body’s readiness for peak performance, our Sports Massage is your secret weapon for athletic excellence. Don’t just train – thrive with a body that’s always primed for victory.

RockTape Kinesiology Taping

Elevate Your Movement: Experience enhanced movement and reduced discomfort when you need it most – during critical races or key training phases. Our RockTape kinesiology taping services provide temporary support, enabling you to perform at your best. Applied up to 4-5 days before races or intense training, the tape remains resilient through showers, swims, and vigorous workouts. Empower your performance and conquer challenges with RockTape – your partner in moving better and pushing limits.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Assessments

Elevate Your Optimal Movement: Discover the power of our Functional Movement Screens – a comprehensive evaluation featuring 7 meticulous movement pattern tests. These assessments unveil your body’s mobility and stability, unearthing asymmetries, weaknesses, and imbalances that could culminate in injury during sports or demanding physical activities. With limitations identified and scored, a tailor-made corrective exercise plan is crafted to mitigate injury risk and tackle these concerns head-on. Utilize the test scores as a progress tracker, monitoring your journey towards enhanced functional movements. Empower your body with a proactive approach to movement excellence – because a strong foundation is the key to peak performance.

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