Purple Out Day Contest

Purple Out Day Contest Rules:

Contest Participation: Two Options – 1 for gym folks and 1 for endurance folks!

Contest starts Monday, September 10 and ends Friday, September 14!

100% Of Your Donation Will Go To Alzheimer’s Tennessee

Gym Folks – Quest For Reps!

  1. Log your reps for squats, pull ups, push ups, lunges, and burpees each session!
  2. Post a picture of you at your home, gym, or other workout location.
  3. Earn a bonus entry if you work out in purple!
  4. Use hashtags #questpurpleout and #questpurplereps
  5. Tag Quest Therapy Consultants in your Facebook (Quest Therapy Consultants) and Instagram (@questtherapyconsultants) posts, so we get notified of your entry!

Endurance Folks – Quest For Miles!

  • Log your miles for OUTDOOR walks, runs, bike rides, swims, and paddle sessions (kayak, SUP, or canoe)! Social media posts from an activity tracker will earn an additional entry.
  • Post a picture of you at your workout location.
  • Earn a bonus entry if you work out in purple!
  • Use hashtags #questpurpleout and #questpurplemiles
  • Tag Quest Therapy Consultants in your Facebook (Quest Therapy Consultants) and Instagram (@questtherapyconsultants) posts, so we get notified of your entry!

Prizes Awarded For:

  • Overall Mileage Winner
  • Overall Reps Winner
  • Best Purple Out Day Effort
  • Most posts w/Quest Therapy Consultants tagged in photo
  • Most workout posts w/hashtags
  • Highest social media engagement – likes, comments, and shares on Quest’s Alzheimer’s posts this week
  • Biggest donation to Alzheimer’s Tennessee

Why Purple Out Day??

Purple is near and dear to our heart here at Quest Therapy Consultants as our company color and it’s become part of our brand recognition! Prior to opening Quest, Dr. Jeanne Williams spent 4 years working in an assisted living facility that cared for people with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a really horrible disease that takes everything from the person who has it, but it also robs the family members of their loved ones. Many of our Quest friends are currently fighting this battle with loved ones and many have fought it in the past, dealing with the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease. So when we saw that Alzheimer’s Tennessee was having Purple Out Day, we knew it was a great cause that we could easily get behind 110%! We want to Make Alzheimer’s a Memory!

Quest Therapy Consultants supports healthy, active lifestyles with regular exercise, healthy diet, sleep, stress management, and support networks for mental health. If you add in mental stimulation, you have the 6 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention. According to the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation, regular physical exercise can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50 percent!! Exercise and healthy lifestyle choices can prevent, treat, or cure up to 40 chronic diseases and illnesses. We want to support our community to get involved in healthy choices that improve our physical and mental health and decrease the burden of disease on our family, friends, society, and healthcare system! Alzheimer’s Tennessee is a great organization that provides resources to help people in East Tennessee learn how to deal with Alzheimer’s disease. You can learn more about them here: Alzheimer’s Tennessee – Who We Are

So to do our part to help fight this terrible disease and give back to our community we are supporting Alzheimer’s Tennessee, which provides family support, offers community and professional education, advocates for the needs and rights of those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, as well as research for its prevention, cure, and treatment. We are going to Purple Out this Friday, September 14th!

Here’s How You Can Help And Enter The Contest!
  1. Comment on this post or any post this week with which contest you want to join – reps or miles!
  2. Go purple on Friday, September 14th and post pictures on social media with the hashtags #purpleoutday. Wear purple and decorate your home and/or office with purple!
  3. Tag Quest Therapy Consultants in your Purple Out pictures on Facebook and Instagram and add the hashtag #questpurpleout for an extra entry into the contest.
  4. Post pictures from your workouts with the hashtags #questpurplereps or #questpurplemiles
  5. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts each day this week to learn about contest prizes and more about the 6 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention!
  6. Donate financially to Alzheimer’s Tennessee – collect from family, friends, and coworkers! We will provide a way to make that donation to them on here soon!
100% Of Your Donation Will Go To Alzheimer’s Tennessee
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