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A Personal Message From Dr. Jeanne Williams, PT, DPT, OCS

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

It’s very common to think that back or neck pain is nothing serious and that it will go away on its own…and sometimes that’s the case. It’s also common to blame it on “sleeping awkwardly” or that it’s just something that “everyone” suffers from at some point in their life.

If that’s happening to you, you’re definitely not alone, and we hear this type of thing all the time.

In fact, back or neck pain in endurance athletes is a common problem we see in our clinic.

Before Coming Into Quest Health & Performance, Many Of Our Patients Suffering From Back or Neck Pain Are Told…

The Truth About Back and Neck Pain For Athletes Is...

Our 3-Step Process at Quest Health & Performance is designed to get rid of your pain AND make sure it doesn’t come back again.

STEP 1: EVALUATE and Diagnose: Discover the Source of Your Back and Neck Pain

We go in-depth to uncover the root causes contributing to your back and neck discomfort, specifically tailored for athletes. Our experienced team conducts a comprehensive assessment, utilizing highly skilled diagnostic techniques to pinpoint the underlying issues affecting your athletic performance. By analyzing your posture, biomechanics, and sports-related activities, we gain a precise understanding of what’s triggering your pain. This thorough diagnosis serves as the foundation for targeted treatment, ensuring we address the core problem, not just the symptoms. Our goal is to provide athletes with insights that lead to precise solutions, so you can bid farewell to back and neck pain and return to peak athletic performance with ease.

STEP 2: EDUCATE: Enhance Your Athletic Performance and Prevent Back and Neck Pain

Take a dive into an educational journey specifically designed for athletes dealing with back and neck pain. We recognize that comprehending how your body functions during athletic activities is vital for peak performance and pain-free training. Our team imparts knowledge about proper movement techniques, posture, and muscle engagement tailored to athletes, helping you understand the intricacies of your movements and enabling informed adjustments that enhance performance while minimizing the risk of back and neck issues. With a deeper understanding of the mechanics involved, you’ll be better equipped to optimize your swim, bike, run or time in the gym, ensuring comfort and efficiency while preventing discomfort in your back and neck.

STEP 3: EMPOWER: Embrace Pain-Free Mobility and Peak Performance

The final stage is all about empowerment. Equipped with a precise diagnosis and a wealth of knowledge, you’ll be prepared to tackle workouts with newfound confidence in the strength and well-being of your back and neck. Our personalized treatment plans, combined with your understanding of optimal mechanics for athletic activities, empower you to move freely and excel in your performance. No longer hindered by discomfort, you’ll embrace the liberty of unrestricted movement. This stage is your gateway to a future where back and neck pain is a distant memory, and every stride is an opportunity to relish exercise without compromise.

Finally Get Rid Of Your Back or Neck Pain And Keep It From Coming Back!

At Quest Health & Performance we can help you to…

Our best clients are those who are motivated and ready to win back their active lifestyle. (Even if they feel stuck right now!)

You don’t have to sacrifice the activities you love over problems that can be fixed.

Let’s schedule a time to chat about how you can feel like yourself again.

Dr. Jeanne Williams

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