Mindset Training

Your mindset is the foundation of everything you do, especially when it comes to performance.

We all have the go-to’s that help us get motivated, stay focused, and persevere when we need it. However, when what usually works simply isn’t, it may cause even more problems. It’s worse if it happens in the middle of your big race! This doesn’t have to be the case. You can train your mindset to be an asset when things get tough.

Mindset Assessment

The 75 minute Mindset Assessment is a powerful tool specifically designed to help you identify your unique Mindset Blueprint. This information will help you gain insight regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your training approach. You will be better equipped to pinpoint potential stuck points (i.e. mindset traps). You will also receive mindset training drills to enhance your psycho-emotional agility which promotes increased clarity, confidence, and performance.

Mindset Mastery Coaching

Mindset Mastery Coaching packages are for the athlete that not only wants to improve their performance, but who also wants to leverage running to support their overall mental health. Mindset Mastery provides a framework for developing an elite mental game on and off the pavement. If you’re looking for more empowerment, discipline, fulfillment, and better results, Mindset Mastery is for you.

Performance Anxiety

This is a short-term service designed to help you alleviate those annoying race day jitters. A little anxiety can provide a helpful boost of energy, but too much can get in the way of maximizing our potential. Especially on race day. If you suspect that performance anxiety might be getting in the way of your goals, you’ve come to the right place. Through targeted coaching and mindset techniques, you will learn to manage pre-race nerves, cultivate a confident and focused mindset, and effectively navigate the mental challenges that can arise during races, allowing you to unleash your true potential and conquer your goals.

Motivation Issues

This is a short-term service designed to help you recover from burnout or other motivation challenges. We’ve all hit that wall where you just aren’t feeling it. You might even be dreading your training. Let us help you regain your passion for training again. You will receive personalized coaching and strategies to help reignite your motivation, overcome mental and emotional fatigue, to renew your enthusiasm for your training journey.

🏃‍♂️ Unlock Your Peak Performance with Mindset Mastery! 🧠

Are you an endurance athlete battling performance plateaus? Do you find your mind giving up before your legs do? Meet Coach Phil Tucker, Knoxville’s only RRCA-certified running coach who is also a licensed mental health therapist and seasoned endurance athlete.

Why Choose Mindset Mastery with Coach Phil?

As someone who’s laced up and faced the grind, Phil isn’t just a coach; he’s your fellow competitor. With nearly two decades of expertise in behavioral and mental health, Phil brings a unique blend of psychology and athleticism to performance coaching. Simply put, he’s not just a Mindset Coach, he’s THE Mindset Coach you’ve been searching for.

What Can Mindset Mastery Do for You?

Don't Let Your Mindset Be Your Downfall

Picture this: you’re miles into a race, your go-to motivators aren’t cutting it, and discouragement sinks in. It’s the worst time for your mental strategies to fail you. But what if you could train your mindset to be your strongest asset when the going gets tough?

With Mindset Mastery, that “what if” becomes a “why not now.” Train not just your body, but your mind, to unlock levels of performance you didn’t think were possible.

Are You Ready to Master Your Mindset?
Don’t wait for another missed podium finish or a disappointing race time. Secure your edge today with Mindset Mastery and let’s transform your “I can’t” into “I just did.”

Take the first step toward developing an elite mindset by booking a Mindset Assessment.

I will ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of your mental strengths, as well as areas that are underdeveloped. Together we will decide if Mindset Coaching would be beneficial based on your goals. Mindset Coaching sessions are where we begin to implement strategies to address any barriers to success. You will receive personalized tools and feedback to get your training back track and keep it there. In addition to better performance, the interventions you will receive are designed to support your general mental health. If you’re putting in the work, it only makes sense for you to experience maximum benefit.

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