SMART Goals for Endurance Athletes

SMART Goals for Endurance Athletes   Late in the offseason is the perfect time to be thinking about goal setting for the upcoming race season. 

How To Beat Negative Self-talk

The idea of self-compassion tends to evoke a range of responses from athletes, but it rarely comes up in conversations about getting results. After all,

Can Running Be Your Therapy?

by Phillip Tucker, MA, LPC-MHSP It depends… Last month we introduced the concept of making your mindset an asset. This month we will continue that

How to Make Your Mindset an Asset

by Phil Tucker, MA, LPC-MHSP Mindset is the foundation of success. Through our mindset, we can learn to see the world in a more positive

Bike Fit for Pain-Free Indoor Training

❄️Winter weather brought you inside for your bike training? ❄️ Aside from being stuck inside are you not enjoying your rides as much because you’re

Are You Balanced?

Can you move equally between sides? Is one side stronger or weaker? (Saying one side can mean differences between the right or left sides of

Helmets Save Lives!

🆘 To all my friends who ride a bike, any bike, anywhere, any time…please ALWAYS wear your helmet! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve ridden,

Have a Backup Plan!

🚲 The other day I went out for a what was supposed to be a long-ish ride followed by a short run. The ride was

Covid-19 & Training

🦠 PSA! 🦠 EVERYONE: If you have had Covid-19 at any point, PLEASE include it in your medical history for ALL of your medical providers!

Practice What You Preach!

🧠 In the last several years, our society has been trying to increase the importance of focusing on good mental health, which is great! But

We’re Reopening May 1st!

Quest Health & Performance will be reopening for in-person services on May 1st! We can’t wait to see you again! We’re ready to help endurance

What’s Telehealth and How Do I Do It?

❓”How do I do this telehealth thing? What’s involved?“ ?Telehealth, virtual medical visits, online physical therapy, teledoc, telemedicine, e-visits…thanks to our current situation, you may

Inspect Your Inserts

#TrainingTipTuesday Hey Runner or Triathlete – do you wear inserts in your shoes such as SuperFeet? How often do you take them out of your

Train Hard, Recover Harder!

Take a clue from Max, Quest’s Chief Attention Hound, here! What’s the number one most crucial thing you can do to help recover after a

Chattahoochee Challenge Race Report 2019

Chattahoochee Challenge Race Report: Learn something from every training session and race that you do. Lesson from Saturday’s race: learn to accept the things you

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