Have a Backup Plan!

🚲 The other day I went out for a what was supposed to be a long-ish ride followed by a short run. The ride was an out and back route.

🔦 About 2/3 of the way into that ride, my front tire went flat thanks to piece of wire. When I started the ride, I knew I’d be chasing the sunset, but I had time to finish in daylight. I had my blinking tail light on the back of my helmet, but did not bring my headlight as it doesn’t fit on my tri bike.

⚙️ When I got the flat, I quickly made a decision to call Brent for backup to come pick me up. I knew I could change the tire, but given how infrequently I’ve done it, I’m not super fast at it. (Perks of very few flat tires plus being married to a race mechanic!) I also knew I was safely equipped to ride in the dark that night.

🌄 I knew the stress of trying to race time with changing the tire and finishing the ride would likely have me riding in the dark. Riding in the dark, in the debris-filled bike lane, just to finish the workout wasn’t worth the risk. So call up the back up plan and be safe to ride another day! He graciously picked me up, took me back and I changed the tire later to get some more practice!

Dr. Jeanne Williams, PT, DPT, OCS
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