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Unlock Your Peak Performance with Expert Nutrition Coaching

Are you ready to take your athletic performance to the next level? Whether you’re gearing up for your first 5K, tackling the challenge of a marathon, or setting your sights on conquering an Ironman, expert nutrition coaching will guide you to achieve and surpass your goals. Maybe you want to manage your weight or improve your overall health. Regardless of which goals you’re pursuing, let’s fuel your journey to success together!

The Expertise of a Registered Dietitian

When it comes to nutrition, not all advice is created equal. A Registered Dietitian (RD) has completed rigorous academic and professional training, including a degree in nutrition science, supervised clinical practice, and passing a national examination. This level of education and expertise ensures that RDs deeply understand how nutrition impacts the body physiologically and can provide evidence-based, personalized recommendations.

In contrast, the title “nutritionist” is often unregulated and can be used by anyone, regardless of their background, education, or experience. Some “nutritionists” may have no formal training or knowledge, relying on fad diets and unproven methods that can do more harm than good. Choosing a Registered Dietitian ensures you are working with a certified specialist who is qualified to manage your nutritional needs effectively.

Initial Nutrition Assessment

Your journey toward optimal health and peak performance begins with our Initial Nutrition Assessment. This 60-minute online video consultation with our Registered Dietitian is the essential first step for all our nutrition coaching services, ensuring we build a strong foundation for your success.

What’s Included:

  • Full Assessment: We’ll thoroughly evaluate your current eating habits, sleep patterns, training regimen, and daily routines to understand where you are and where you want to be.
  • Goal-Setting: Together, we’ll establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals to guide your progress and keep you motivated.
  • Generalized Meal Plan: Receive a generalized meal plan designed to meet your nutritional needs and support your training. This general plan can serve as a tool for you to create your own daily meal plans.
  • Expert Tips & Advice: Benefit from Janet’s extensive knowledge as she provides actionable tips and advice throughout the assessment based on your unique needs.
  • Customized Tools: Gain access to personalized tools and resources addressing your specific areas of concern, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay on track.

Remember, all nutrition coaching services must start with this initial evaluation to ensure we create the most effective and personalized plan for you.

Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Book your Initial Nutrition Assessment today and start transforming your performance from the inside out!

Sports Nutrition Coaching

Fuel your training and racing with precision through our Sports Nutrition Coaching services. Designed specifically for endurance athletes, this program ensures you are properly hydrated and fueled to meet the demands of your sport.

Receive personalized hydration and fueling plans tailored to your individual needs during training and racing, ensuring you consume the right fluids and nutrients for optimal performance to support your workouts, races, and recovery. With the expertise of a registered dietitian, any special medical conditions can be accounted for, ensuring your nutrition plan is based on the latest science and healthcare practices. Benefit from extensive experience and continuous support, learning how to balance macronutrients, micronutrients, and electrolytes to enhance your endurance and recovery.

With personalized advice and tailored plans, you’ll be equipped to handle the rigors of training and racing with confidence.

Weekly Food Log Monitoring

Stay on track and meet your nutritional goals with personalized food log monitoring. Charged monthly, this service provides you with weekly feedback from a registered dietitian through convenient text messaging.

Whether your goals are related to sports performance, weight management, or managing medical conditions, our expert guidance ensures you’re making the right choices to support your health and performance objectives. Each week, submit your food logs for review and receive personalized insights and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. This continuous support helps you stay accountable, make adjustments, and achieve lasting results.

With Weekly Food Log Monitoring, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a registered dietitian who understands your unique needs, providing timely advice and encouragement to keep you motivated and on course.

Personalized Meal Plans

Our customized daily meal plan service is designed to meet your unique dietary needs and goals through close collaboration with a registered dietitian. Whether you’re aiming to enhance sports performance, manage weight, address specific medical conditions, or any combination of these, this personalized approach ensures your nutrition plan is perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Through in-depth consultations, our registered dietitian will work with you to understand your preferences, goals, and any dietary restrictions. Together, you’ll develop a comprehensive daily meal plan that includes balanced, delicious meals and snacks tailored to your needs. This collaborative process ensures that your plan is not only effective but also enjoyable and sustainable.

With continuous support and adjustments based on your progress, our Customized Daily Meal Plans will help you stay on track and achieve your health and performance objectives. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re fueling your body with the right nutrients, every day.

Low Energy Availability (LEA)

Low Energy Availability (LEA) occurs when the body doesn’t get enough energy to support both daily activities and basic physiological functions. Athletes are particularly susceptible to LEA due to the high energy demands of their training and competition schedules. This condition can lead to increased injury risk, decreased performance, impaired bone health, and hormonal imbalances. Additionally, LEA can negatively impact mood, disrupt sleep patterns, increase susceptibility to illness, and make training sessions feel flat and unproductive.

Our specialized support for low energy availability, guided by a registered dietitian, can help you restore and maintain optimal energy levels. Through comprehensive assessments, we identify the underlying causes of your LEA, including dietary habits, training intensity, and lifestyle factors. Our registered dietitian will then create a personalized nutrition plan tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the right balance of nutrients to support your energy requirements.

Receive ongoing support and adjustments to your plan as needed, with continuous monitoring to track your progress. Our expert guidance will help you develop sustainable eating habits, optimize your energy levels, enhance your overall well-being, and improve your training and racing potential. With our professional nutrition support, you can overcome low energy availability and achieve your health and performance goals.

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S)

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) is a comprehensive condition that arises when there is a prolonged imbalance between energy intake and the energy expended in training and daily activities. Unlike Low Energy Availability (LEA), which focuses on insufficient energy intake to support basic physiological functions, RED-S encompasses a broader range of health and performance consequences specifically in athletes.

Like those with LEA, athletes with RED-S are at risk of increased injury, decreased performance, impaired bone health, and hormonal imbalances. However, this syndrome also impacts various aspects of health, including metabolic rate, immune function, protein synthesis, cardiovascular health, and psychological well-being.

Our specialized support for RED-S, guided by a registered dietitian, is designed to help you restore and maintain optimal energy balance. Through comprehensive assessments, we identify the underlying causes of RED-S, including dietary habits, training frequency and intensity, and lifestyle factors. Our registered dietitian will then create a personalized nutrition plan tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the right balance of nutrients to support your energy requirements and overall health.

Receive ongoing support and adjustments to your plan, with continuous monitoring to track your progress. Our expert guidance will help you develop sustainable eating habits, optimize your energy levels, and enhance your overall well-being. With our professional nutrition support, you can overcome RED-S and achieve your health and performance goals.

Weight Management

Our weight management service is tailored to help you achieve your ideal weight, whether your goal is weight loss or weight gain. Understanding that each individual’s needs and goals are unique, our registered dietitian, Janet, who holds a certificate in pediatric and adult weight management, provides personalized nutrition plans to guide you on your journey. These qualifications ensure she is highly skilled in addressing the weight management needs of clients of all ages.

For those looking to lose weight, our approach focuses on creating sustainable eating habits, enhancing metabolism, and promoting overall health. For individuals aiming to gain weight, we emphasize nutrient-dense foods that build muscle and support healthy weight gain.

Additionally, for athletes, our weight management plans can incorporate fueling strategies for optimal sports performance. We ensure your body receives the necessary energy and nutrients to excel in training and competition while achieving your weight goals.

Receive ongoing support and adjustments to your plan as needed, with consistent monitoring to track your progress. Our expert guidance will help you stay motivated, make informed decisions, and achieve lasting results. With our professional weight management support, you can reach your health, performance, and weight goals confidently and sustainably.

Cholesterol (Lipid) Management

Managing cholesterol levels is crucial for maintaining heart health and preventing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis. Our Cholesterol (Lipid) Management service, led by a registered dietitian who is a Clinical Lipid Specialist and Fellow of the National Lipid Association, provides you with the expertise needed to manage your lipid levels effectively.

Our specialized service includes a comprehensive assessment of your current dietary habits, lifestyle, and medical history to understand your unique needs. We then develop a personalized nutrition plan designed to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, raise HDL (good) cholesterol, lower triglycerides and improve overall lipid profiles. This plan incorporates heart-healthy foods, balanced meal plans, and practical strategies to support long-term adherence and success.

Our Clinical Lipid Specialist will provide you with ongoing support and adjustments to your plan based on your progress, ensuring that you stay on track to achieve your lipid management goals. This monitoring and expert guidance help you make informed dietary choices, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and improve your overall well-being.

With our professional cholesterol management support, you can confidently take control of your heart health and enjoy a healthier, more vibrant life.

Video Follow-Up Appointment

Our video follow-up appointments provide you with dedicated time to discuss your progress toward your nutrition and health goals. These sessions offer a convenient and effective way to stay connected with your registered dietitian, ensuring you receive continuous support and guidance.

During these video meetings, you will have the opportunity to communicate any difficulties and successes you’ve experienced. This is a valuable time to address any challenges and celebrate your achievements. Based on your feedback and progress, adjustments to your personalized nutrition plan will be made to keep you on track.

These follow-up meetings are available in both 30-minute and 60-minute sessions, allowing flexibility to fit your schedule. Conducted online, they offer the convenience of receiving expert advice and support from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.

With our Video Follow-Up Meetings, you can ensure that your nutrition plan remains effective and tailored to your evolving needs, helping you achieve lasting success in your health and wellness journey.

Phone Call Check-Ins

Our Phone Call Check-Ins provide you with the flexibility to receive real-time support and guidance through brief, focused conversations. These check-ins can be scheduled at any interval that suits your needs and are available in convenient 15-minute time blocks.

During these check-ins, you will have the opportunity to discuss your successes and difficulties, receiving immediate feedback and advice. This is a valuable time to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring you stay on track with your nutrition and health goals.

Each call will conclude with actionable items and specific goals to keep in mind until your next check-in, helping you maintain momentum and focus. These brief, yet impactful, sessions are designed to provide continuous support and motivation in a manageable format.

With our Phone Call Check-Ins, you can stay connected and receive the expert guidance you need to achieve your health and wellness goals, all within a convenient and flexible framework.


Unlock Your Peak Performance with Nutrition Coaching!

Transform Your Health with Expert Nutrition Coaching

Ready to enhance your sports performance, manage your weight, or improve your overall health? Our personalized nutrition coaching offers the guidance and expertise you need to achieve your wellness goals.

Why Choose Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition coaching goes beyond dieting; it’s about making informed choices that support long-term health. Janet Carter, our registered dietitian, brings over 20 years of experience and a Master’s degree in nutrition science from Boston University. As an accomplished endurance athlete who has completed 11 marathons and over 70 triathlons, including 2 Ironman finishes, Janet also fully understands the mindset and fueling needs of endurance athletes. Whether you’re an athlete, managing your weight, or dealing with medical conditions, our nutrition coaching provides the support and knowledge necessary for success.

Evidence-Based and Science-Backed Services

All of our services, including Nutrition Coaching, are provided by certified specialists and grounded in science and research. We use proven strategies, not fad diets, to help you reach your goals sustainably.

Who Can Benefit from Nutrition Coaching?

  • Athletes seeking to optimize performance and recovery.
  • Individuals managing weight, whether losing or gaining.
  • Individuals with certain medical conditions requiring specialized dietary management.
  • Anyone looking to improve overall health and energy levels.

Your Path to Success

Choose our Nutrition Coaching for professional, science-based personalized nutrition plans that fit your lifestyle and goals. With ongoing support and expert guidance, you can make lasting changes for a healthier future and improved sports performance. Experience the difference today and unlock your full potential!

Take the first step toward healthy fueling by booking a Initial Nutrition Assessment!

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