Bike Fit for Pain-Free Indoor Training

❄️Winter weather brought you inside for your bike training? ❄️

Aside from being stuck inside are you not enjoying your rides as much because you’re in pain? There’s “good pain” of muscles aching from a challenging workout, but “bad pain” is when parts of your body hurt that aren’t being taxed by the workout.

Back or neck pain, saddle pain (that’s still there after getting back on your bike for 2-3 weeks consistently), wrist or hand pain, or hip or knee or foot pain are signs that your bike fit may need some adjustment. Those are “bad pains.”

Riding your bike – inside or outside – shouldn’t hurt in those areas! If it does, let’s talk about what can be done. All levels of riders can benefit from a bike fit – beginners to pros! If you’re a beginner, how long would you continue to ride if it hurts? Not long I bet!

Getting comfortable on your bike increases the likelihood that you’ll ride more miles which is great for health and fitness! More training time increases the chance of gaining speed and power. I want to help you enjoy your bike! – article on page 13 “Bike-Fitting in the Fresh Air: Fitters Adust to Covid”

Dr. Jeanne Williams, PT, DPT, OCS
We help endurance athletes (from beginners to pros) train and cross the finish line faster and injury-free!


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