The Greatest Coaches Usually Aren’t the Best Athletes

“You’ll need to do an Ironman to coach them” ⁣
Why this is a bunch of BS and I’m going to ignore it!

As a triathlon, cycling, and running coach, I’ve been told that if I don’t do triathlons that I won’t get coaching clients for triathlon, especially the full “Ironman” distance because I haven’t done one. ⁣

Well, I hate to break it to those people…actually, no, no I don’t…but I’m coaching triathletes from a beginner level to one who is trying to qualify as a pro this year. ⁣

Have I been a pro triathlete? Nope. Not gonna be one either. ⁣

I coach an ultrarunner who wants to turn pro. Have I been a pro ultrarunner? Nope. Not gonna be one either.⁣

So why would these people want me to coach them then? Because they know I’ve got the science and the skills they need to help them.⁣

Many times the most successful coaches have not been very good athletes. Some of these coaches include: ⁣
⚾️Tony La Russa – MLB⁣
?Bill Belichick – NFL⁣
⚾️Tommy Lasorda – MLB⁣
?Phil Jackson – NBA⁣
?Chuck Noll – NFL⁣
⚾️Bobby Cox – MLB⁣
?Ken Hitchcock – NHL⁣

I may not be the fastest endurance athlete, but I have 30 years of experience in exercise science, teaching and coaching people through exercise, correcting form and how to progress with getting stronger. I know how to analyze and correct movement patterns, analyze your data (heart rate, speed, power), your body’s reactions to different conditions and workouts, and how to keep you from getting hurt while training. I can explain all of that in depth to you in ways you can understand and apply it. I know what works based on science and not just what works because that’s what I did when I raced. ⁣

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that great athletes CAN’T be great coaches. But science has actually shown that the best athletes typically don’t make the best coaches because they know what they do and how they do it, but they often have a hard time communicating that. ⁣

I’m also not claiming to be one of the greatest coaches like the guys listed above. But if you want decades of experience in the aspects of what contributes to successful coaching, I can help you reach those goals and would love to talk with you!

Dr. Jeanne Williams, PT, DPT, OCS
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