What’s Telehealth and How Do I Do It?

❓”How do I do this telehealth thing? What’s involved?“

?Telehealth, virtual medical visits, online physical therapy, teledoc, telemedicine, e-visits…thanks to our current situation, you may have been hearing any or all of these terms in regards to healthcare.

?What healthcare providers have figured out though, is that people are hesitant to utilize these services in place of face-to-face office visits because they don’t know what to expect.

? I’ve done some online physical therapy sessions with clients and it’s worked out well so far. A majority of what I do to help people get rid of pain, move better and get back to doing what they want is talking, teaching, and exercise. None of this requires us to be in the same room!

?? Now, if you’ve been to physical therapy and say, “but what about all the things you do with your hands? You can’t do that through video!”

?? You’re right! I can’t do it, but we can get creative and do other things! I’ve had people push on the parts of their body to tell me if it’s sore to touch. I’ve had people do functional strength tests instead of manually testing it. I can teach you how to use objects to apply pressure to body parts.

? This week, I even did a group participation visit with a client’s spouse and my spouse. I used my husband as the client and taught my client’s spouse how to do some hands-on work to assist my client towards his goals until we can get back together. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

❇️ So if you’re interested in resolving pain, dealing with a nagging injury now that there’s no races for the foreseeable future, or even improving your fitness, let me know and we can utilize this stay-at-home time for you to take care of yourself!

What do you need to do?
1. You simply need to be willing to try it! We’ll set up a time that works for you!
2. Have a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera that you can run a video app or program.
3. Find a place where you can prop up your device to show you lying on the floor, sitting in a chair, and or standing (depending on what we’re addressing) and see the device as I demonstrate things.
4. I’ll send you the info to log into the call and what you need to do for that in advance. (It’s pretty simple!)
5. We’ll sit and talk. You’ll tell me your story about what’s going on, how it started and what makes it better or worse. I’ll ask you some questions and take notes.

6. I’ll have you do some movements and tell me how things feel as you do them. I’ll demonstrate and describe those as we go.

7. Based on all that, I’ll figure out what’s wrong, what we need to do to help you and then I’ll teach you those things as well.

8. When we’re done, I’ll send you the exercises with detailed directions on what and how to do them.
9. Payment can be done on the call with my credit card processor or you can use PayPal and we schedule a follow up visit to reassess.

? That’s it! It’s not as weird, difficult, or scary as it may sound. Kids or pets may make surprise appearances (even on my side!) and that’s ok too! It’s part of life right now and I can work with all of this to help you get better from the safety and comfort of your home!

? If you’re still unsure if it’s the right thing for you, I offer FREE consults so you can check out the process and decide if you want to work with me. If you do, there’s options to keep it affordable for you.

Email me at jeanne@questhealth.life or call/text me at 865-409-1782 if you’ve got something you’d like to address. We’ll discuss it and figure out the best steps for you to get back to doing what you love and without pain!

Dr. Jeanne Williams, PT, DPT, OCS
We help endurance athletes (from beginners to pros) train and cross the finish line faster and injury-free!


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